Who: We.
What: The Best Phone Apps.
Where: www.bestphoneapps.com.
Why: We wanted a great-looking page for the Best Phone Apps.
Idea 1: Create a static page with text links—tried it, boring.
Idea 2: Create a static page with favicon links—tried it, eww.
Idea 3: Create a web 2.0 mashup and let you pick the links—no.
Idea 4: Create an elegant page and we pick the Best Apps—YES!
Pledge: The apps, icons, and links will only change slightly and infrequently.
Plan: 2007–version 1.0; 2008–version 2.0; 2009…
Tools: Macs, TextMate, iPhoney, WordPress, 1and1, w3schools, Google, etc.
Help: See the help page or the Best Phone Apps blog.
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